Mitz Trade-In Program

Mitz Trade-In Program

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Note: Due to the costs of shipping and environmental impact, the Mitz Trade-in Program is currently for US customers only.

The Mitz Trade-In Program allows you to send back your old Mitz clothes free of charge.  Simply add the number of items you want (in the quantity field above) to send back, and we'll email you a return label within 2-3 business days (usually sooner).  Then just slip them in the mail and we'll send you a 25% off coupon once we receive the item(s).  It doesn't matter if the clothes are trashed, stained or in great shape!

We know that one of the biggest struggles with buying clothing for your little one is that they will outgrow the items in no time.  We created the Mitz Trade-in Program to help with this issue without adding too much burden on you.  We'll determine if we the items returned can be added to our thrift store or if it should be recycled or donated to a local charity.  The best part is, all you have to do is send it back (for free!) and it's out of your hands.  No more guilt in throwing away items or small items cluttering your closets.

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