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Elastic Glove and Mitten Clips - Kittenstooth

Elastic Glove and Mitten Clips - Kittenstooth

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  • Prevents lost gloves and mittens!
  • Stylish and fun colors and patterns
  • 3” elastic strap, two straps per set
  • Round, easy to open and close clasp design
  • Plastic grips won’t damage clothing
  • Heavy-duty clasps stay strong use after use
  • Made in the USA


Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips are the fashionable solution to keep winter gloves attached to your coat. Heavy-duty plastic grips won’t damage or rip clothing and will stay strong use after use. Round clasps are easy to open and close and won’t pinch fingers. Stop buying multiple pairs of mittens every winter!

Details & Dimensions:

  • Clasp: 1” round
  • Elastic: 3” long
  • Lead-free. BPA-free. Phthalate-free. PVC-free.
  • Two elastic straps per set
  • Choking Hazard, not for children under 3 years old


  • Hand wash and spot clean. Hang dry.

    Additional Styles:

    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Bicycle Pattern Bicycle
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Construction Pattern Construction
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Hearts Pattern Hearts
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Kittenstooth Pattern Kittenstooth
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Cheetah Pattern Cheetah
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Pink Cheetah Pattern Pink Cheetah
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Blue Tartan Pattern Blue Tartan
    Mitz Accessories Mitten Clips Simple Black Color Black

    How to Use:

    Simply attach one clip to your jacket or sweater and the other clip to your mitten or glove. See image below.

    Mitz Accessories how to use - bicycle pattern

    Other Uses:

    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Demo

    Pant Straps / Boot Straps:
    You can use the straps to tuck your pants into your boots to prevent scrunching at the knees. The clasps are heavy duty and will not damage your pants or jeans. Also, check out our boot straps if you would like adjustable pant straps.

    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps as Bike Pant Straps

    Bicycle Pant Straps:
    You can wrap the strap around your pants or jeans and use them as bicycle ankle straps. Simply clip one end of the strap around your jeans to tighten them so that your pant leg does not get caught in your bicycle chain.

    More about the pink cheetah pattern:

    Inspired by a love of all things pink and cheetah, this lunch bag takes animal pattern to a new level.  Love this pattern? Check out our other products in the pink cheetah pattern or check out our pattern selector for other ideas.


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