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Adjustable Boot Straps - Blue Tartan

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Adjustable Boot Straps - Blue Tartan

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  • Keeps pants smoothly tucked into boots
  • Comfortably prevents bunching at the knees
  • Length adjusts from 3” short to 6” long
  • 1” circular nickel clasps with plastic grips – won’t damage clothing
  • Extremely strong clasp grip wear after wear
  • Made in the USA


Mitz Adjustable Boot Straps keep your pants securely tucked inside your boots and comfortably prevent unsightly bunching at the knees. 1" wide elastic - 1" circular nickel clasp with heavy-duty plastic grips that won't damage clothing, guaranteed. Length adjusts from 3" to 6" long for maximum comfort. 

Details & Dimensions:

  • 1” round nickel clasp with plastic grips
  • 1” wide elastic adjusts from 3” to 6”
  • Two elastic straps per set
  • Lead-free. BPA-free. Phthalate-free. PVC-free.
  • Choking Hazard, not for children under 3 years old


  • Hand wash and spot clean. Hang dry.

How to Use:

With one clasp, clip the outside part of the jeans behind your ankle bone. Next, wrap the strap below your foot and adjust with to your comfort level. Clip the remaining clasp to the other side of your pants. If it is uncomfortable when you place your foot in your boot, adjust the clips or adjuster where you feel discomfort.

    Additional Styles:

    Click a style below to go to the product page.

    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Bicycle Pattern Bicycle
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Construction Pattern Construction
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Hearts Pattern Hearts
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Kittenstooth Pattern Kittenstooth
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Cheetah Pattern Cheetah
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Pink Cheetah Pattern Pink Cheetah
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Blue Tartan Pattern Blue Tartan
    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps Simple Black Color Black

    Other Uses: 

    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps as Mitten Clips

    Mitten Clips / Glove Clips:

    When not being used as boot straps, these   adjustable elastic straps can also be used as mitten clips. Perfect for the avid skier or person who wants to prevent lost gloves or mittens. 


    Mitz Accessories Boot Straps as Bike Pant Straps

    Bicycle Pant Straps:

    You can wrap the strap around your pants or jeans and use them as bicycle ankle straps. Simply clip one end of the strap around your jeans to tighten them so that your pant leg does not get caught in your bicycle chain.

    More about the blue tartan pattern:

    nspired by a pair of argyle socks seen on NYC's Q Subway Train, this pattern mixes beautiful shades of blue and gray.  Love this pattern? Check out our other products in the bicycle pattern or check out our pattern selector for other ideas.

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