Spooky Adorable Gender-Neutral Halloween Clothing for Kids October 22, 2016 14:29

I’ve received a dozen or so emails this season asking if Mitz Accessories is going to make a Halloween print. Sadly, we didn’t have time to design a Halloween-themed print. Instead, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite gender-neutral Halloween inspired kids clothing and accessories and where to find them at the best price.
This season Princess Awesome launched their new “Wickedly Brew-tiful Witches Brew Twirly Play Dress with Long Sleeves. We are in LOVE! They’ve illustrated Shakespeare's recipe for the Weird Sisters' magic potion into an adorable dress! Also, the product title involves a pretty brew-tiful pun! To get 15% off this dress, sign up for their email list on their website.

Our favorite on-sale Halloween-themed items for babies & toddlers:
  • Pumpkin Slippers - $12 – Gymboree
  • Pumpkin Beanie - $17 – Gymboree
  • Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pants - $21 - GAP
  • Wanna Hang Shirt - $7 – Old Navy
    Our favorite kids Halloween Dresses:
    Our favorite kids t-shirts & Accessories: