Gender Reveal Party Ideas That Aren’t Pink or Blue July 10, 2017 13:57 1 Comment

How many gender reveal parties have you been to where the eager parents-to-be cut the cake to reveal a pink or blue filling? Or opened a box to let loose pink or blue balloons?

"The best part of these parties is the 'it’s a boy!' or 'it’s a girl!' moment, but color = gender isn’t the only way to go these days. Here are a few new gender reveal ideas to get your imagination going in a different direction."


Have a rainbow gender reveal party, and focus on the fun and joy that your little one will bring, not just the color of their onesie.

  • Rainbow-Filled Rainbow Cake: Instead of cutting the cake to reveal pink or blue filling, make a rainbow cake and fill it with skittles, but have a little piece of paper naming the baby’s sex. This is sure to get a reaction! Bonus points for decorating the cake with skittles, too. 

  • Invitation wording: “Red, purple, yellow, blue, no matter what you are, we’ll love you! Join us as we discover the sex of our baby”
  • Guess the Sex game: Instead of pink vs. blue, use jars for male or female, and have guests put rainbow jellybeans in jars to mark their prediction.
  • If gifts are encouraged, ask for them to be rainbow-themed, like these gender-neutral pieces:

If rainbows aren’t your thing, and you want to build a bit more anticipation and suspense towards the gender reveal, try a Parent vs. Parent theme!


Choose a theme that means something to you and your partner, with the Mom or Dad’s pick representing the sex of the baby:

  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Jets vs. Giants (or each partner’s favorite team)
  • The country of each parent’s origin
  • Baseball vs. Hockey (or each partner’ favorite sport)

All of these themes lend themselves to great ideas for cakes, decorations and invitations:

  • Ask guests to “Dress your Guess” according to the theme
  • Get stickers made for guests to wear: “Team Mom” or “Star Wars Baby” or “Go Giants!”. Try for easy, customizable stickers.

What about the big reveal moment?

  • Sparklers in the team colors
  • Unroll a country or team flag
  • Unwrap the winning team or sport jersey (baby sized, of course!)
  • Have someone make an entrance, in costume, for the winning side (Chewbacca? Is that you?)

By making the gender reveal party about more than just “pink or blue”, you have a chance to make the party about what really matters – the excitement and joy surrounding a new baby, and the family that is going to care for them, no matter if the new addition wears pink, blue, or any of the other colors of the rainbow.


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