9 Adorable Gifts for Cat Lovers August 10, 2015 10:26

Have a BFF with two cats she can’t stop talking about? Perhaps a beloved Aunt who has begun to collect a neighborhood feline following? Whatever the level of cat enthusiasm (we refuse to use the word crazy – we find those fluffy kitties as lovable as your do), we have the perfect gift. We searched high and low for cat gifts that are subtle, tasteful and downright purrfect for that next birthday or holiday.

9 Adorable Gifts for all you cat lovers

1.) DIY Cat Scarf Tutorial

Less than $29 for all supplies

DIY Cat Scarf Tutorial

This cute DIY scarf article from Adventures in Making is a beautiful example of how to spend your money wisely to make a heartfelt gift. We've been looking at options to make our own fabric, and it is SOOO expensive. However, you can do it on the cheap by creating a cute little stamp like this and a fabric stamping pad. You can get all of the products you need here.

2.) Tiny Kitten Ring

$98 from Catbirdnyc.com

Tiny Kitten Ring from Cat Bird NYC

This 14k gold kitten ring will pronounce your feline pride to everyone you meet. This is indeed the purrfect gift for any cat lover you may know (or yourself, we won't say anything)

3.) Kittenstooth Neoprene Lunch Bag

$21, mitzaccessories.com

We’re obsessed with the cuteness that is the Mitz Accessories Kittenstooth Lunch Bag. A super cute alternative to the traditional houndstooth, this bag stores completely flat and is easy to pack!

4.) Cartoon Cat Cup

$22 from zakkamart.net

Who doesn't want to brighten up their day with one of these fun-filled coffee mugs. For this post, we particularly like the cat whiskers, but would also do with the pig nose or or mustache just for jun.

5.) Cat to be Kitten

$27.95 from thuglifeshirts.com

 You've cat to be kitten me t-shirts

We think thuglifeshirts.com is the purrfect amount of cool and funny. These shirts are basically the Uncle Jesse of the  cat T-shirt world. Have Mercy!

6.) Feline Fanatic Tote

$13.99 from Modcloth.com

Holy meow this bag is cute! A perfect tote bag for those everyday needs and it’s on sale!

7.) I Could Pee on This and Other Cat Poems

$7.32 from Amazon.com

We first saw this book on a friend’s coffee table and couldn’t purr-t it down.

8.) Silver Cat Earrings

$46 from Etsy.com

Subtle, classy with a touch of fabulous - these earrings are an adorable way for just the right amount of cat accessorizing.

9.) Hanukcats: and Other Traditional Jewish Songs for Cats

>$3 on Amazon.com

For $2, this book is an amazing Hanukkah (or anytime) gift that has been revamped from its original version. Bring on the gelt!

10.) BONUS! Create a cat costume

As you can imagine, your cat will love and hate you if you make a hoodie pattern such as Mey Lynn makes in the video below. A dinosaur, pikachu, rottweiler or pit bull costume would be hilarious and please do share any similar videos in the comment selection below