Kickstarter Collaboration Template May 30, 2016 21:34

Kickstarter Collaboration Template

Launching a Kickstarter campaign simultaneously begins your relationship to a community of creative entrepreneurs. To support one another, they’ll often ask other similar campaigns to feature their product or service in one of their updates. You can see an example of a Mitz Accessories update here. Kickstarter updates go out to every single person who has backed that campaign.

Find a company with a similar target market audience running their campaign simultaneously on Kickstarter and send them a variation of the below message. You can also reach out to simultaneous market campaigns with different target market audiences but you might not receive the same results. It’s important to reach out to potential collaborators early as many times they’ve already received several requests.


The Template:

Hello (         ),

COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY. Apologies for the all caps – I wanted you to know I’m not another marketing firm.  I’m a person behind a real campaign you can view here: (link). We’ve raised $ (   ) in (X) of days with (#) of supporters.

We’d be interested in creating a cross-promotion between our campaigns. We’ll feature you in our next update. You can see an example of what a cross-collaboration looks like in our previous update here: (link).

All of the information you’d need to include us in your update is below. Please be sure to link the picture to our campaign as well.


Kids Clothing Free From Gender-Stereotypes


Mitz Apparel & Accessories Imagines a World Free From Gender Stereotypes for girls and boys. Their new gender-equal clothing line features bright, colorful designs for all children.



Please let us know if you’re interested in cross collaborating and we’ll make sure to include you in our next update.