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Easy STEM Activities: Gummy Bear Mad Scientist

Written on: 24 Jul 11:21

The best part about STEM activities is that they are mostly based on freeform experimentation. And experimentation, to a child, is just another word for play. Although structured activities are important for children to learn about boundaries and safety, guided activities are best for exploration, the root of all things STEM.

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12 Books Featuring Strong Girl Leaders

Written on: 18 Jul 10:05

We want the best for our daughters and we'll do anything to help them grow and learn as individuals. And many of us see the seeds of leadership growing before our eyes. To help our little leaders along their way, it's our job as parents and caregivers to nurture those seeds and help strengthen their characters for the battles and victories ahead.

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5 Reasons Why I Paint my Sons' Nails

Written on: 27 Jun 15:38

My boys are seven and four, and I paint their nails.  Since my eldest isn’t allowed polish on his fingers in school, we stick to the toes, but they are painted nonetheless. I am not one to keep a meticulous manicure, so the polish only comes out occasionally. But when it does? “Can you do my toes? Can I have nail polish, too?” They are thrilled to pick colors and feel special. I don’t force my boys (or even ask them) to paint their nails, but it is something they want to do. And I say “yes”, for a few very good reasons.

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Rainbow Giveaway!

Written on: 19 Jun 22:13 6 Comments

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Mommy & Me Giveaway

Written on: 23 May 16:38 6 Comments

May is a time to celebrate Mothers! While we love Mother’s Day, we know special times with mom come in the form of many little moments. In honor of those little moments, we’ve teamed up with some amazing brands to celebrate mama and me time. You know those special times with mom: early morning bagel brunches, late night trips to the movies, or even just hanging out at the beach finding shapes in the clouds...

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Parenting Diaries: I Went on Vacation and Unplugged for 3 days. Here’s what I learned.

Written on: 03 May 15:26

Like many of you, my husband and I have been desperate for a true break and respite for a long time. I’m the primary caretaker during the day for my 3-year-old daughter. Mitz Accessories is in the midst of a huge growth swing and when I’m not parenting I’m working in every thought and free 5 minutes I can steal. I'm really lucky and I work incredibly hard.

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Spring into Imagination Giveaway!

Written on: 15 Apr 15:18 2 Comments

We’ve partnered with some incredible companies who are working together to inspire and support children’s blossoming imaginations. Enter our, ‘Spring Into Imagination,’ giveaway for a chance to win a bundle including...

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15 Fashionable Rain Boots for Fall

Written on: 15 Sep 11:07

Nothing is worse than walking around all day in the rain or snow…unless you have super cute rain boots. A quick way to cheer up a rainy day is with a rain boot that makes even the dreariest day fabulous.

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10 Tips to Stay Sane During Back to School

Written on: 08 Sep 11:24

We all know that the back to school season can be stressful. These 10 tips will help to make the process easier. Check out the gallery below.

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6 Reusable Lunch Products for Kids and Adults

Written on: 03 Sep 10:24

We love products that are not only stylish but also functional and eco-friendly. Mitz Accessories is committed to environmentally friendly practices and supporting companies that do the same. Below you’ll find a list of our favorite reusable lunch items as well as our favorite DIY reusable sandwich bag patterns.

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Easy to Carry and Healthy Toddler Snacks When On-The-Go

Written on: 19 Aug 09:53

Meeting the nutritional needs of a growing toddler is something I take very seriously. That said, feeding a picky toddler is also a huge challenge. For example, my toddler refuses to eat meat of any kind.  Read full article >>

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A Beginners Guide to Cheap, Healthy Homemade Baby Food Purees

Written on: 13 Aug 10:40

A Beginners Guide to Cheap, Healthy Homemade Baby Food Purees

Starting solids is a big step for any baby! When I first started solids with my daughter I felt so lost. I had no idea what to feed her, in what quantity or how to prepare foods for her. I put together this list of things I wish I would have known as a guide for other new moms. Read Full Article >>

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9 Adorable Gifts for Cat Lovers

Written on: 10 Aug 10:26

Have a BFF with two cats she can’t stop talking about? Perhaps a beloved Aunt who has begun to collect a neighborhood feline following?  Read full article >>

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The 5 Best Dual-Purpose Lunch Bags for Moms, A Review

Written on: 03 Aug 08:00 1 Comment

The 5 Best Dual-Purpose Lunch Bags for Moms, A Review

As a mom, I’m obsessed with all things lightweight and portable that are ergonomically designed and easy to store. Everyday, it feels like my two bedroom NYC apartment is slowly turning into one gigantic toy box/kid accessories warehouse. Between the three of us, we have 1.5 closets. Storage is a precious commodity. Read Full Article >>

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Stylish Lunch Bags for Back to School 2015

Written on: 01 Jul 11:44 4 Comments

Mitz Accessories 5 Stylish Lunch Bags for Back to School

Looking for the latest and most stylish lunch bag trends for back to school? Check out the list below from top lunch bag companies... Read Full Article >>

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