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Clothing that inspires...

Learning & Imaginative Play

All patterns have been carefully designed to include developmentally appropriate educational elements to inspire their imaginations.

Gender Equality

Every item is gender neutral and can be worn by boy or girl. We believe kids should be able to express all of their interests!

Freedom of Expression

We give children color options that span the entire rainbow, not just stereotypical pink and blue.

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Gender Neutral Clothing
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What Our Customers Say

"My daughter loves the Dino dress. She likes pink, ruffles and dinosaurs. The spikes make the dress interactive and fun. Dress up is a big part of play at this age."

- Judith

"My son wears these leggings with a long sleeve shirt and it's so cute! He gets so many compliments wherever we go. I am one happy mama!"

- Faith

"I have a daughter who LOVES bugs, dinosaurs and cars and all of the 'boy' things but she still identifies as a girl. It is a relief to have recently discovered your clothing line!"

- Amanda

"Love these clothes! Thanks to xxxxxx who I follow on Instagram or I would have never found this brand! I can't wait to order more clothes for my girls. I love that they teach things too!"

- Autumn

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